Public housing policy and the plight of small households in urban Kenya: a case study of Nairobi public housing.

The conventional approach to the housing problem, the country's housing policies and the binding minimum acceptable housing in urban areas in Kenya do not necessarily work for the betterment of all households standards of living - small households in particular.

Overview on urban and peri-urban agriculture: definition, impact on human health, constraints and policy issues

To collate and synthesize current knowledge of components of urban agriculture (UA) with a thematic emphasis on human health impact and a geographic emphasis on East Africa. Data management followed a structured approach in which key issues were first identified and then studies selected through literature search and personal communication. Evidence-based principles. Urban agriculture is an important source of food security for urban dwellers in East Africa. Descriptors of UA are location, areas, activities, scale, products, destinations, stakeholders and motivation.

The impact of information, education and communication campaigns on waste management behaviour of urban residents:A case study of Embakasi constituency.

This study evaluated the impact of information, education and communication campaigns on waste management behaviour of Embakasi Constituency residents. The objectives of the study were to investigate IEC campaigns on waste management behaviour available in urban residents; to determine the level of waste management behaviour awareness among urban residents; to find out waste management behaviour practised by urban residents and how they adopted them; and to evaluate the impact of IEC campaigns on the waste management behaviour of urban residents.

Public participation in planning process in kenya: a case of Githunguri division

Public participation in planning process is a prerequisite of a successful plan implementation, be it physical or economic development plan. In some countries like Britain, Planning Acts state clearly the role the public should play in planning process to ensure successful plan implementation and co-operation between planners and the public. Effective public participation in planning process in Kenya is in its embryonic stage and there are no ru es "of .. c'onduct as regards such pubLlic participation.

Challenges to inner city redevelopment in Nairobi: the case of Ngara

Kenya continues to experience a rapid pace of urbanization and this has led to the increase in the number of urban centres and the expansion of the already existing centres. Nairobi City is the largest and among the oldest urban centre in Kenya. Due to the importance of Nairobi as the capital city, a major commercial centres and a major industrial centre it continues to attract many people due to the high economic and social opportunities that can be accessed in Nairobi.

Determinants Of Contraceptive Uptake Among Youth In Kenya.

The Kenyan government has been promoting modern methods of contraceptives since independence as championed by the health ministry and some collaborative partnerships. In addition, there are lots of strategies/policies and initiatives put forward by the government to promote the use of family planning services. The measures/steps are meant to lower total fertility rates, raise contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) and shrink the unmet family planning needs. Unfortunately, available statistics shows that only 36.4 percent of the Kenyan youth use any/some form of contraception.

Influence of road transport system on growth and development of human settlements: a case of Mlolongo in Machakos district, Kenya

Transport system as an essential land use activity has brought many changes on the other land uses and values. One of this has been the growth and development of human settlements. Initial scattered human settlements in most cases grow up to become urban centres often in unplanned ribbon manner which pose challenges for rational land use planning and smooth traffic flow. This unplanned haphazard developments form a major obstacle because they are usually not controlled.

Challenges and Possible Interventions for Effective Solid Waste Management in Ngomongo Village of Korogocho Informal Settlement, Nairobi County

Increased solid waste generation and management problem is largely as a result of rapid urban population growth. The purpose of this study was to examine the challenges and propose possible interventions to ensure effective solid waste management in Ngomongo village of Korogocho informal settlement. The study objectives were to: determine the solid waste management system in the village, identify the main challenges and propose planning interventions for effective SWM in the village. The target population was households and business enterprises within Ngomongo village.

Factors affecting Njaa Marufuku Kenya Programme in improving the livelihood of the poor and vulnerable: the case of Changamwe district, Kenya

In urban areas, around 3.5 million Kenyans were struggling to buy sufficient food from the market. Poor farmers, including women farmers often lack access to adequate resources (such as land, improved technology, credit, extension and advice and training) and to markets. The purpose of the NMK grant was to provide funds to build individual skills and social capital of community groups as well as to upscale innovative food security initiatives and also facilitate the development of revolving capital that can benefit not only the group members but also the entire community in general.

Rural water supplies problem in Kenya: A case study of Kipkelion division, Kericho district

Throughout the world, there is a conviction that the availability of sufficient quantities of clean, potable, water is one of the ways of improving man's health, hygiene and productivity. Although both the Government and Local Communities know that without adequate supplies of water it is difficult to develop an ~rea, and although efforts have been made to provide water to rural communities in Kenya, accessibility to potable water supplies is one of the problems experienced in Kipkelion Division of Kericho District.


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